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AdvoCAT is PUMA’s Loyalty Program just for you – yes, you, our PUMA fans! You get points every time you shop with us that you can use for great discounts! Each point is worth a cool RM 1. And there are no minumum redemption conditions. You can start redeeming your first points on your next transaction or you can save them for a bigger redemption!



It’s simple, all you have to do is to shop at PUMA and get to your desired tier.


TIER 1 'SUEDE' 0 - 1000 5% 1 YEAR
TIER 2 'DISC' 1001 - 3000 10% 1 YEAR
TIER 3 'IGNITE' > 3001 15% 1 YEAR


*The points and Tier calculation is based on the net amount spent (which excludes GST).


AdvoCAT Loyalty Program

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Who knew it paid to shop? Once you become an AdvoCAT, you also get access to privileges that only our uber-cool people receive! Invitations to previews or private In-Store / VIP Member events, early access to exclusive PUMA merchandise, special offers, birthday discounts,

surprise and bonus points, and a whole lot more treats await you. So what are you waiting for?


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  1.  The name of PUMA’s Loyalty Program is “AdvoCAT”. “AdvoCAT” is a trademark owned by Puma SE and/or its related companies.

  2. The AdvoCAT Loyalty Program is owned but not operated by Puma Sports Goods Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter referred as “PUMA”) having its registered office at Menara Mustafa Kamal, Block A, Level 6, PJ Trade Centre, No.8, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya. AdvoCAT is managed by a third party service provider engaged by PUMA or an related company (“Service Provider”). PUMA shall not be liable towards customers for any act and omission committed by Service Provider.

  3. Only PUMA customers who are 18 years of age or above are eligible to participate in the AdvoCAT Loyalty Program.

  4. PUMA customers may register as an AdvoCAT member at any participating PUMA-branded stores (refer to clause 9 below for details). No purchase is required for such registration. When thus registering as an AdvoCAT member, the customer may be required to furnish valid requisite identification documents to prove their eligibility and personal particulars. PUMA in its sole discretion may decide on the requisite documents to be submitted by customers in order for them to become AdvoCAT members. A customer can become an AdvoCAT member by registering one’s contact details including first / last name and mobile number (international registration possible) and/or email address, birth date, along with other details PUMA may seek.

  5. Customers of the PUMA Malaysia Online Store ( will automatically become registered as an AdvoCAT member when they create an account in PUMA Malaysia Online Store.

  6. The registration by the customer of his / her contact details mentioned herein implies that the customer has accepted and is bound by these Terms and Conditions. By becoming an AdvoCAT member, the customer (1) consents to receive communications at his / her mobile number and/or email address from time to time; (2) authorizes PUMA to share his / her information to the Service Provider, other contractors of PUMA and PUMA’s related companies for the purposes specified in clause 7 below; (3) authorizes PUMA and Service Provider to transfer his / her information outside of Malaysia for the purposes specified in clause 7 below; and (4) confirms and acknowledges that he / she has become an AdvoCAT member by his / her own will and without any undue influence from PUMA. PUMA will comply with applicable personal data protection laws when collecting and managing your personal data.

  7. PUMA and Service Provider shall maintain and use the customer's information for purposes of market research and statistical analysis, customer relationship management, after-sale services, administrative and accounting purposes and also to send communications including electronic communications containing news, information and updates, or otherwise, about its products (including apparel, shoes, accessories), services, offers, promotions, on-line purchases, special events, and other marketing communications that may be of interest to the customer. For avoidance of doubt, the customer shall have the option to opt out of receiving advertising or promotional information via his mobile number and /or email address.

  8. The customer's information is stored for a period necessary and proportionate to the purposes described above in compliance with applicable laws of Malaysia. The customer acknowledges he / she may access, update, correct their information or object to the processing of their information for marketing purposes by writing to

  9. Loyalty points will be earned on offline purchases made at participating PUMA-branded stores which are owned and operated in Malaysia by PUMA itself (PUMA may designate such stores in its sole discretion). The current list of participating stores in Malaysia is available at

  10. Points are earned based on the net amount paid by the customer (for both full price and discounted items) as reflected in the official invoice / receipt (excluding GST or SST, as applicable) at the rate indicated above (expressed as % of the net amount paid by the customer). Each point earned is equivalent to RM 1. The earning of each point is based on the tiers decided by PUMA in its sole discretion. If the customer subsequently receives a refund from PUMA on the purchase for any reason, the points earned from the purchase shall be erased accordingly.

  11. AdvoCAT loyalty points shall be accrued and redeemed exclusively by the members themselves. Points are non-transferable and non-assignable.

  12. Each AdvoCAT point earned is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of earning the point. The point shall automatically expire thereafter.

  13. PUMA Full-Price Stores (offline purchase): AdvoCAT loyalty points can only be redeemed when making any offline purchase of full priced merchandise at PUMA Stores. Points cannot be clubbed with any discounts, unless specified otherwise. Points cannot be converted into cash.

  14. PUMA Outlet Stores (offline purchase): AdvoCAT loyalty points can be redeemed when making any offline purchases of merchandise (marked down or otherwise) at PUMA Outlet Stores but points cannot be clubbed with any other in-store promotion. Points cannot be converted into cash.

  15. PUMA Malaysia Online Store (online purchase): AdvoCAT loyalty points cannot be redeemed when making any online / mobile purchase of merchandise from PUMA Malaysia Online Store ( or any other e-commerce or m-commerce platforms affiliated with PUMA.

  16. To redeem points in relation to offline purchases, prior to billing, the customer simply needs to inform the PUMA staff at the cash desk and provide his/her registered mobile number or email ID. A unique verification code will then be generated and sent to the registered mobile number via SMS / or email ID, instantly. This code will be used in the application to apply the discount equivalent to the number of points redeemed.

  17. If, for any reason, the customer subsequently receives a refund from PUMA on a purchase in which points were redeemed, the redeemed points will not be credited back to the customer.

  18. AdvoCAT members will be moved automatically to the next tier, based on their lifetime purchases.

  19. AdvoCAT members will enjoy a 20% discount off the total bill for their birthday (offer valid for two weeks from the birthday). This is only available for offline purchases, not for online purchases.

    - PUMA Full-Price Stores (offline purchase): The Birthday discount can only be applied on full priced merchandise at PUMA Stores (valid on a maximum of RM 1,000 worth of PUMA full priced merchandise) and cannot be clubbed with any other discounts, unless specified otherwise.
    - PUMA Outlet Stores (offline purchase): The Birthday discount can be applied on marked down merchandise at PUMA Outlet stores (valid on a maximum of RM 1,000 worth of PUMA marked down merchandise) but cannot be clubbed with any other in-store promotion.

  20. In the event of any abuse of the AdvoCAT Loyalty Program and its benefits or providing incorrect details by any customer, without prejudice to its legal rights and remedies, PUMA reserves the right to terminate the membership of that customer or withdraw the benefits at its sole discretion (including forfeiture of all points earned). The customer shall not be entitled to any benefits, if found to be involved in any act of fraud, shoplifting, cheating or any unlawful act.

  21. PUMA reserves the right to add, alter, amend and revise these Terms and Conditions with reasonable prior notice.

  22. PUMA shall not be liable to any members or his / her nominee, for any indirect or consequential loss (of any manner whatsoever), damage or expense of any kind whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the program and /or the provision or the refusal to provide any benefits. To the fullest extent permitted by law, PUMA’s liability towards any customer for any misconduct or negligence in relation to the AdvoCAT Loyalty Program shall be limited to the value of the points earned by the customer in the twelve consecutive months preceding such misconduct or negligence.

  23. AdvoCAT is subject to “Force Majeure events” and PUMA shall have no obligation to offer any of the benefits during the pendency of the “Force Majeure events”.

  24. In relation to your use of the PUMA Malaysia Online Store (including account registration and online purchases), the PUMA Malaysia Online Store’s Terms of Use, the Terms of Purchase and the Privacy Policy (all of these documents being accessible at shall apply in addition to these Terms and Conditions.

  25. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. Any dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions shall be subject the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.