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With the fittest athletes in mind, we completely hacked and reconfigured the industry’s basic cross-training shoe. Renovated with equal parts function and finesse, designed to reconstruct your muscles and mentality. Engineered for the toughest workouts, regenerated for the culture. FUSE is built exactly how the PUMA athlete likes it: performance ready and off the regular.

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FUSE Training Shoes 4063699727128
FUSE Training Shoes 4063697885783
RM 229.00
RM 469.00
FUSE Training Shoes 4063697887633
RM 229.00
RM 469.00
EVOKNIT+ Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063698941396
EVOKNIT+ 2-in-1 5" Men's Training Shorts 4063698939355
evoKNIT Tech Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697127296
evoKNIT Tech Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697124073
driRelease Men's Training Shorts 4063697471528
RM 135.00
RM 189.00
Ultra Woven Men's Training Jacket 4063697427334
RM 209.00
RM 419.00
Training Men's Essential Premium Gloves 4059506131127
Medium Gym Duffle Bag 4062453792778
RM 139.00
RM 199.00