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When it comes to performance, FUSE tops the leaderboard. It combines stability and functionality with PUMA’s iconic design DNA. With a 4mm drop and a wide toe box, FUSE gives you a stable stance while the internal midsole provides shock absorption for heavily weighted workouts. To kick it up a notch, a TPU heel clip offers a boost of support and durable PUMAGRIP provides all-purpose traction for maximum grip during quick agility movements. The abrasion-resistant mesh upper allows for flexibility while also protecting you from wear and tear movements like rope climbs. It’s a shoe that doesn’t shy away from any workout. It shows off.
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FUSE Men's Training Shoes 4063697885875

FUSE Men's Training Shoes 4063697887640

Ultra Woven Men's Training Jacket 4063697427389

evoKNIT Tech Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697124080

evoKNIT Tech Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697127333

driRelease 8" Men's Training Shorts 4063697471528

Medium Gym Duffle Bag 4062453792778
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RM 199.00
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