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JAHNKOY is a Siberian-born artist whose work aims to restore traditional craftsmanship and revive global cultural heritage in the contemporary landscape. She sees fashion as a powerful force to unite cultures and raise consciousness about preserving our world.For her debut collection with PUMA, JAHNKOY brings her signature aesthetic to streetwear silhouettes, reimagining them with artisanal detailing and vibrant patterns. Russian traditional ornaments and folk references remind us that clothing is a sacred protection for our bodies and souls – and is something worth valuing. The collection’s footwear also uses sustainable and recycled materials in an effort to reduce production waste and organic cotton for apparel as a part of an overall sustainability initiative.This collection aims to reestablish cultural wear, reintroduce traditional way of dress in contemporary language, and start the evolution towards a stronger, more sustainable, harmonious, and culturally enhanced world.
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PUMA x JAHNKOY XTG Track Jacket 4062449788464
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