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Rider Pack

Sports brand PUMA is giving their iconic 80s running shoe; the Fast Rider a fresh look for 2020. Today, the PUMA Rider dynamically combines futuristic and retro designs with its vibrant colour combos and nostalgic style nods to the next generation of playful, casual-cool street style. Launched in Southeast Asia with the introduction of Maya, @mayaaa.gram — the region’s first ever virtual model, and a symbol of Southeast Asian pride, Maya will front the PUMA Rider campaign alongside three new regional ambassadors – Tosh Zhang from Singapore, Adipati Dolken from Indonesia and Ismail Izzani from Malaysia.
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11 Products

Mile Rider Sunny Getaway Women's Sneakers 4062453800459
Mile Rider Sunny Getaway Women's Sneakers 4062453800022
PUMA x KIDSUPER Style Rider Trainers 4062453032904
Future Rider Sandals 4062451793630
RM 249.00
RM 359.00
Future Rider WH Sneakers 4062453043238
RM 279.00
RM 469.00

Final Flash

PUMA x CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS Rider Trainers 4062451800246
Future Rider Game On Sandals 4062451813741
RM 249.00
RM 359.00
Rider Royale Women's Trainers 4062451702014
RM 255.00
RM 429.00
Classics Logo Women's Tee 4062451015787
RM 65.00
RM 89.00
Classics Logo Women's Tee 4062451013271
RM 59.00
RM 89.00
PUMA x CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS Rider Cap 4063696259769