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Classics & Suedes

The Suede hit the scene in 1968 and has been changing the streetwear game ever since. From the courts to the curbs, from ‘80s b-boys to today’s hustlers, the shoe has been worn by the icons of every generation – and it’s stayed classic through it all. Similarly our T7's needs no further introductions, an iconic trend that's been faithfully replicated that is just as iconic today as it was back then. The T7 made a name for itself with its 7cm signature stripes, and was as popular on the city streets as it was on training grounds. It's style that's withstand through the change of times. It´s a legend in the footwear world and culture scene. Its attitude. The Suede and T7 are for all time. Get yours now.
  • Black (30)
  • gray (3)
  • Blue (3)
  • Green (1)
  • Yellow (1)
  • Red (6)
  • Pink (5)
  • White (5)
  • multi-colored (1)

Suede Classic+ Trainers 4051909278997

Suede Classic+ Trainers 4051409215096

Suede Classic+ Trainers 4051409213146

Classics Logo T7 Women's Leggings 4059504410491

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697698451

Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Sandals 4062451851217

Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Sandals 4062451813536

Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Sandals 4063697710023

Flex Renew AC Kids' Trainers 4062451521189
RM 79.00
RM 119.00

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697708426

Flex Renew AC Kids' Trainers 4062451513689

Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Sandals 4062453090386

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697723184

Classics Logo Men's Tee 4063697079212

Essentials Logo Men's Tee 4063697404540