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The shorts for men by PUMA make you one thing only: Athletic on the go. Be they football shorts, golf shorts or running shorts for men – you can be sure that they give you exactly the freedom of movement that you need in sports. The modern, functional materials are breathable and moisture-regulating. Practical features such as side pockets or reflective elements are as indispensable for the men's shorts as the PUMA logo. As a real fan, you'll be happy about the crest on the replica shorts.
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  • gray (4)
  • Blue (11)
  • Green (1)
  • tan (1)
  • White (2)

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Flare Men's Basketball Shorts 4063698070454

Run Favourite Woven 2-in-1 7" Men's Running Shorts 4063697444157

Run Favourite Woven 2-in-1 7" Men's Running Shorts 4063697444362

Favourite Woven 5" Session Men's Running Shorts 4063697464872

individualCUP Men's Football Shorts 4063697196452

Session Knitted 10" Men's Training Shorts 4063697473188

Curl Men's Basketball Shorts 4063698070690

Graphic Woven 7" Men's Running Shorts 4063697427587

driRelease 8" Men's Training Shorts 4063697471528

Man City Evostripe Men's Football Shorts 4063697033610

Iconic MCS Baby Terry Men's Shorts 4063697464629

Neymar Jr Future Printed Men's Football Shorts 4064533086241

PUMA x FIRST MILE Xtreme 9" Men's Training Shorts 4062453523136

ftblNXT Woven Men's Shorts 4062453644503

Lite Woven 7" Men's Running Shorts 4062453650481

Modern Sports Knitted Men's Shorts 4062451263706

Parquet Men's Basketball Shorts 4063696517425

PUMA x THE HUNDREDS Reversible Men's Shorts 4062453577009
Final Reduction
PUMA x THE HUNDREDS Reversible Men's Shorts 4062453577481
Final Reduction
Classics Logo Men's Shorts 4062453579881

Man City Replica Men's Football Shorts 4062453702418