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What makes a classic a classic? Best quality, exceptional design and that certain something. PUMA classics for men have all of these things. These include, above all, stylish men's sneakers, keeping you well dressed both for sports and your active day-to-day life. The classic among the sneakers is of course the PUMA Suede. The shoes of this model series have been cult for over 50 years. Combine the footwear with a classic PUMA shirt and sweatpants and you´ll have a great classic PUMA outfit for men that you can wear for every occasion. Find your favourites now.
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39 Products

Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Slides 4062451851200
Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Slides 4062451813529
Classic Running Waist Bag 4060981723974
Classics Men's Logo Tee 4063697101036
Classics Men's Logo Tee 4063697079199
Classics Men's Logo Tee 4063697095298
Basket Classic XXI Men's Trainers 4063697671782
Basket Classic XXI Men's Trainers 4063697632400
Basket Classic XXI Men's Trainers 4063697636637
Classics Men's Cargo Pants 4063699394023
Classics Logo French Terry Men's Shorts 4063699090086
Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697723023
Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697708389