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In sports, you strive for your best performance. PUMA training pants and leggings for women offer you just that. High-tech fabrics help you and your body get the best performance out of your training. DryCell technology keeps your legs dry even during sweaty workouts. PUMA women's leggings feel like a second skin thanks to their perfect fit. In a retro design or futuristic graphic print – the pants can also be perfectly integrated into your everyday outfit.
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91 Products

Classics Logo T7 Women's Leggings 4059504410682
Evostripe High Waist 7/8 Women's Leggings 4063699337655
Classics Women's Relaxed Joggers 4063697105102
Favourite Forever 3/4 Women's Training Leggings 4063697435933
Sustainable Material
Favourite FOREVER High Waist 7/8 Women's Training Leggings 4063697435377
Sustainable Material
Iconic T7 Woven Women's Track Pants 4063697068247
Iconic T7 Mid-Rise Women's Leggings 4063697083332
Essential Women's Leggings 4059507724489

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EVERSCULPT Full-Length Women's Training Leggings 4063699043754
AS Women's Leggings 4063699373165
AS Women's Track Pants 4063699170849
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Women's Trousers 4063699021554
PUMA International Women's Track Pants 4063699177053
High Shine High Waisted 7/8 Women's Running Leggings 4063699078800
Graphic 7/8 Women's Running Leggings 4063699085167
Essentials Logo Women's Short Leggings 4063697449497