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The less material, the more important the details. Women's sandals by PUMA are therefore designed for comfort, from the non-slip sole to the anatomical footbed to the padded strap made of extra-soft leather. The women's PUMA sandals fit into any bag and get you to the beach safely. With your embroidered platform sandals in pixelated digital optics, you will of course be the centre of attention. Thanks to the elastic heel strap, you can also walk on the beach in women's sandals to listen to the waves.
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Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Slides 4062451851200
Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Slides 4062451813529
Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Slides 4063697710023
Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Slides 4062453090409
Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4060978909466
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Sportie Women's Sandals 4063699849790
Sportie Women's Sandals 4063699885712
Suede Leadcat 4059505029869
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Leadcat Slide Sandals 4056204926574
RM 59.00
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Cool Cat Sport Glitter Women's Slides 4062452189425
Aqua Flip Flip Flops 4063697621466
Aqua Flip Flip Flops 4063697664807
Popcat 20 Sandals 4062451844431