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Outdoor adventures and outdoor sporting events are subject to the laws of nature. To make sure that your stadium visit doesn't get rained out, the men's PUMA jackets provide sufficient protection against the elements – from the windbreaker to the down coat. For motorsport fans, PUMA has designed stylish track jackets for men.
  • Black (34)
  • gray (9)
  • Blue (6)
  • Green (2)
  • tan (2)
  • Yellow (1)
  • Red (6)
  • White (8)

Iconic T7 PT Men's Track Jacket 4060978304551

RE.GEN Unisex Woven Jacket 4063697230316

Run Ultra Men's Running Jacket 4063697417861

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Unisex Printed Coach Jacket 4063698504119

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Unisex Coach Jacket 4063698503303

PUMA x FIRST MILE Utility Men's Training Jacket 4063697428478

PUMA x NEMEN Full-Zip Racing Men's Top 4063697219137

Favourite Woven Men's Running Jacket 4063697425781

PUMA International Lab Woven Men's Track Jacket 4063697425644

individualCUP Quarter-Zip Men's Football Top 4063697201392

Scuderia Ferrari MCS Men's Track Jacket 4063697145689

Coaches Men's Basketball Jacket 4063698089319

Court Side Men's Basketball Jacket 4063698083065

Graphic Hooded Men's Running Jacket 4063697429741

Ultra Woven Men's Training Jacket 4063697427389

Man City Warm-Up Men's Football Jacket 4063697527638

PUMA x MICHAEL LAU 2Face Men's Jacket 4063697525313

Neymar Jr. 2.0 Men's Football Track Jacket 4063699960662

T7 2020 Sport Men's Track Top 4062453524744

T7 2020 Sport Men's Track Top 4062453523563

CLD9 Corrupted Men's Windbreaker 4063696794840