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Rider Pack


Sports brand PUMA is giving their iconic 80s running shoe; the Fast Rider a fresh look for 2020. Today, the PUMA Rider dynamically combines futuristic and retro designs with its vibrant colour combos and nostalgic style nods to the next generation of playful, casual-cool street style. Launched in Southeast Asia with the introduction of Maya, @mayaaa.gram — the region’s first ever virtual model, and a symbol of Southeast Asian pride, Maya will front the PUMA Rider campaign alongside three new regional ambassadors – Tosh Zhang from Singapore, Adipati Dolken from Indonesia and Ismail Izzani from Malaysia.
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Future Rider Play On Trainers 4062451666866
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RM 429.00
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Evolution Rider Game On Street Wallet 4062451785642
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RM 99.00
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Evolution Rider Game On Backpack 4062451785635
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RM 199.00
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Classics Logo Women's Tee 4060981575184
Online Exclusive Quickview
RM 89.00
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