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Cookie Information

1. Scope of applications

This Cookie Information provides information on the use of cookies on the PUMA Website for Malaysia at

2. General information on cookies

“Cookies” are small text files that are stored in the browsers of your end devices whenever you visit our websites. Through cookies, your actions and settings on our websites can be stored for the duration of the browser session or even after this as well as traced. In addition to this, cookies allow your browser to be recognised. For example, after leaving the website, you can restore the contents of your shopping cart or be shown the last viewed products. 

3. Types of cookies used

3.1 First-party cookies

Firstly, we use “first-party cookies”, i.e. cookies that are set by servers of our websites, and which can only be reached through our services. 

3.2 Third-party cookies

Our websites also embed third-party cookies, which are set by servers of other websites and/or domains and can be read by third parties. Using these cookies, your browser can be tracked beyond our website, for example to enable us to show you PUMA adverts on the websites of our partner enterprises. 

4. Duration of cookie storage

4.1 Session cookies

Part of the cookies used are session cookies, i.e. cookies that only remain stored on our website for the duration of your visit. 

4.2 Persistent cookies

In addition, we also use persistent cookies, which remain stored on your browser beyond the duration of a session and are automatically deleted after a set expiry date.

5. Purposes for the use of cookies

5.1 Required cookies

We use cookies that are required to operate the online store, and permit certain functions in order to be able to use the website. 

5.2 Functional cookies

In addition, we also use cookies in order to allow you certain “comfort” functions through the automatic (re-) recognition of your browser. These include, in particular, the automatic recognition and setting of the language, the restoration of the content of any compiled forms or the shopping cart after leaving and then returning to our websites.

5.3 Analytical cookies

We also use cookies in order to collect information about your website visit, and to use this to perform anonymous evaluations and obtain statistics to allow us to constantly improve our website design.

5.4 Advertising and (re-) marketing cookies

Finally, we also use third-party cookies on our websites for advertising and/or marketing purposes. These help to enable us, for example, to show PUMA advertisements on the websites of partner enterprises.

6. Cookie settings by the user

Using your browser settings, you can restrict the storage of (certain) cookies on all our websites, or completely prevent them, and also delete any cookies that are already stored. For more detailed information on this, please see your browser manual or help function.
In general, even after the restriction/disabling of cookies in the browser settings, our websites can still be visited and used. Please note, however, that especially completely disabling cookies may lead to a restriction of the functions on our website.